Current research is in policing and security in nations susceptible to ideology-based threats and where corruption is a cultural norm. It comprises two tracts.  First, security in an armed conflict is the priority.  But what is security? Do we understand the threat and environment?  Have we framed the correct context?  Second, to protect the population what should the relationship between community policing, investigations and intelligence-led policing look like?  And how do we do all of this in a way that increases the effectiveness of a law enforcement agency and at the same time meets international standards on human rights, gender equality, accountability and transparency.       

Previous Work

•  Advisory for a police mission
•  Field research – donors, civil society, NGOs …
•  Establishing and leading a Training department on a police reform mission
•  Short interventions - intelligence-led policing, anti-corruption & community policing
•  Strategic review of a law enforcement organisation
•  Review of a police mission – mandate, implementation …